Sinulog Festival

Sinulog is a Bisaya dance festival that romanticizes the movement of wading through the shallows. Sinulog Festival is the biggest festival celebration in the Philippines, with hotels fully booked weeks before the actual event.

Date: 3rd Sunday of January
Place: Cebu City
Ethnic Group: Bisaya

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Sinulog is originally a fertility dance, and is still performed as such by indigenous peoples in the uplands of Panay Island. Sinulog comes from the Bisaya word sulog, "current", and sinulog refers to the movement a person makes when wading through the current off the beach, which hems the coasts of Cebu. The sinulog dance is the romanticization of this movement, consisting of two steps forward and one step backward.

Sinulog Festival Queen 2011
Sinulog Festival Queen 2011 (photo by Pawing)

Beside the Sinulog street-dancing and grand showdown, the queen of the festival is also picked. Beautiful ladies from different parts of Bisaya provinces vie for the title by dancing the sinulog the most graceful they can.

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